The Poisoned Pen

expressing the artist's emotions in a deadly imaginative and beautiful way.
"the artist's combination of lyrical and descriptive power"

Jerald W.Blackstock

Jerald received a diploma[1] in painting at the Alberta College of Art and Design [2] studying in studio art from 1992 to graduation in 1996 having three times achieved the President’s Honour Roll.

He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree [3] in 1998 from the Alberta University of the Arts with a specialty in digital art studies influenced by Alan Dunning [4] and a minor in creative writing influenced by Suzette Meyr [5] .

He holds a certificate in Adult Education from Mount Royal University[6]. He taught for 10 years at Alberta University of the Arts, Mount Royal University, and several long term care homes as a recreational therapist through art making.

Previously he studied drawing and painting privately under Gary Ripley [7] at Grip Studios in Calgary, Alberta from 1972 till 1980 with a focus on the materials and techniques of the old masters.

His first career was as an addictions counsellor for Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commision where he was trained in REBT[8], Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, developed by Dr. Albert Ellis[9] the foremost psychologist of the last century.

Jerald’s publications draw heavily from the history and traditions of Western European fine art, street photo, digital debauchery and psychotherapy.

He currently lives in Calgary, Alberta making art with his camera and computer, publishing his books under Blackstock Art&Design[10] for The Duchy of Jerald.


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