At Age 20

A life of working for conservatives in Alberta Canada

I enjoyed a career in logistics for 20 years
worked for conservatives Enders family in Calgary doing what I loved and was good at underpaid not able to save they got rich second home in Canmore
rented from conservative landlord apartments overcharged in boom Calgary
land owners got rich bought more houses
no savings again
so between jobs waiting for Unemployment Insurance
hit the food bank
didn’t pay rent
got a student loan to upgrade education to upgrade income
lived in my new wife’s house paid for by conservative farmer father who got rich on fed government subsidies
started an art business in house after school upgrade
fell into bankruptcy when American conservatives bought out my suppliers and refused to supply my home based low expense business as unfair competition to their storefront conservative base
wife died after 10 year decline
brain disease
I fell into depression couldn’t work too ill
second bankruptcy to pay student loans
after hospitalized successful depression/anxiety therapy
started delivery contract business delivering meds to patients
not enough income to save again
but conservative broker who spends winter at his second home in Phoenix is doing fine
patients’ dementia dog bit my finger partially off, suffered pinched nerve & pulled muscle from lifting and then stroke, involved in 2 studies for people who have strokes for no known reason
so much for victim blaming moralizing
lived on assured income for severely handicapped after 6 months in hospital
homeless single man
turned 65 got universal basic income for seniors
and pharmacy
living just above poverty line for the first time in my entire life
I now have a savings account
conservatives say I should have managed my money better while they enjoy government subsidies to get them over their lean times.
people working living below poverty line are
world class money managers
with no subsidies for their lean times
I advocate so all working poor folks can enjoy that security for their lean times too
and pharmacare
and dental
and insurance
and tuition
like other civilizations which choose not to have their economies based on brutal low paying formerly non paying slave labour
This is what the fight in North America has been all about since Lincoln to now Trump, an ongoing civil war funded by the slave owners conservatives and their descendants.
It’s just that simple
Here is your pandemic update: