Strategies of Satisfaction

Maybe fewer choices than before but I still have satisfaction

I have choices. Choices for what?

Satisfaction. Ultimately.

I choose to, consciously choose to, have high tolerance of frustration. This is the prescription for satisfaction in any endeavour. Notice I didn’t say success, I said satisfaction.
I tolerated the extremely high frustration level of acquiring an education. I’m not the most successful anything, no one is really, but I choose to feel very satisfied with my efforts.
This is what free will and the power of choice are for.
So I can do anything and derive satisfaction from it?
If I use my power of choice to tolerate frustration?
Well, since having a stroke, walking across the street has been at times not even possible. But standing up from my wheelchair 10 times in a row 6 times a day became a goal I could feel very satisfied with accomplishing…
Then that first step…
Satisfaction is satisfaction

I entered a competition for creating banners for inner city neighbourhoods. They gave me the dimensions and such and wanted to consult with the winner on the theme and work with the artist, typical advert-ing art, off-putting art, workflow of a paid commercial art-slave. Being a Fine Artist I have been highly trained over many years of higher education to deprogram that slave-hood ‘I must be liked and accepted or I am no good’ mindset.
So I got a copy of Illustrator, a YouTube on how to make a bicycle wheel, which is very hard, as designers tend to only design square shapes, and over 3 weeks of frustration made me some banners with my non-dominate unaffected hand.

  1. Submitted my art and was rejected again, 99% of all submissions by all artists are rejected, much of the art training is how to tolerate that frustration and not give up because you are without evidence basing your satisfaction on being accepted.

  2. Got a high end art computer and 2 graphics monitors made to order, delivered and set up.

  3. Got a copy of Illustrator and learned to use it sufficiently.

  4. Got out of the stroke ward, got a place, got an income, got a car, learned to drive one handed left foot, got my licence back.

  5. Got a formal education in painting and drawing to the degree of teaching these subjects at University level.

  6. Finished off high school qualifications so I could pursue higher education.

  7. Quit smoking dope and other self defeating strategies to be able to go to school and concentrate.

  8. Entered into evidence based psychotherapy and learned the difference between self defeating and self helping activities.

Beginning at age 40.

Each step was/is a highly frustrating pursuit of satisfaction.
Mountain climbers find the more frustrating the endeavour the better they like it
Because it has more potential for satisfaction.

I think I’ll climb a mountain today. Or make a banner. Or meet a new friend.

Strategies of satisfaction.