The Mindfulness Money Shot

You have to keep coming back. (to give us money).

It seems that in March every year I have my new year accounting anniversary because someone else decided I should have an anniversary.
Some no account accountant no doubt. I have known a few.
33 years ago I quit over-anxiety induced drug and alcohol relief strategies
33 years ago in that transition I got predated (they hunt) into a yoga (Yasodara Ashram1) cult for over-anxiety relief strategy
33 years ago I switched from self defeating behaviours, like yoga, to a more self helping psychotherapy over-anxiety cure.2
33 years ago I found the evidence that yoga and 12 step religion is narcissism for narcissists; the usual modus operandi of any narcissist3 being:

33 years ago I apply this painful devastating knowledge to any, yes any, religion, cult what have you and see the same money & life grabbing grift of
The usual snake oil salesman pitch:
1. Abuse. You are broken. Well, with over anxiety I tended to agree even though it caused the over anxiety. To unbelieve without evidence that this is true, or alternatively, to drop perfectionism and accept accept accept the squalid and sordid humanness of being human, I highly prefer to be super human (they all promise that ultimately) but I don’t have to. Studies at Stanford4 have shown that this little simple statement will change the brain chemistry similar to Prozac.
2. Dependence. We are going to fix it. The guru the god the teacher or some such programming has superior knowledge/abilities over yours and it will get your whites whiter with divine light or some such magical cure snake oil.
3. Rape. It’s going to cost you money. Rape of your bank account first and foremost. Pass the plate is the reason for you being there. A.A. is a multi-million corporation. Yoga even more so. The Catholic Church…and yes they all reccomend celibacy a distraction to whats going on in the back door back room.
4. The Money Shot. You have to keep coming back. (to give us money). Why? Because It Doesn’t Work. Yoga meditation mindfulness blah blah are a relief from over anxiety but not a cure, in fact they make it worse. In many subtle and not so subtle ways there is this ongoing abuse, of you being broken and since a person is still over anxious, the tendency is to believe it. Just one more yoga teachers course @8 grand per, or 10,000 hail Mary’s. Uncle Charlie was a 3 meeting a day man with a 30 year coin giving talks on spirituality, whatever that is. Every meeting creates a new opportunity to grab your cash so you had better do a meeting a day you loser godless unmindful (you don’t even have a mind) disease ridden drunken sot. Pay the fuck up.

So, what’s the do it yourself cure? The ancient psychological insight of Epictetus, who said, “What disturbs men's minds is not events but their judgments on events.” 
Read, if you wish, how that became the most effective evidence based psychotherapy of the last century.5 And yes, it’s free.