Volunteerism is Christo-Fascist Cultism

Spread the wealth, we all win

I just finished reading the .ca newsletter which proudly sent me to a Calgary site, The Local Laundry

I too live in Calgary and own a .ca, grandson of a Scottish grandfather and Irish-American grandmother homesteaders, and a mother from the predominately Irish, England's last official colony, Newfoundland. I received my diploma and then degree up the street at the local art school a world-class, highly respected, very tough school. I happily market to the entire planet on all the usual global platforms thingys, like this one you are reading now, please subscribe, ya freeloading bastards. :)

The Local Laundry guy spouts his emotional seduction marketing in 'buy local speak' targeted at the local Calgary conservative fascist morons who believe that the other is bad, not our tribe/cult nationalism that sounds historically ominous.

The buy local advocate proudly says he got his formal indoctrination in MBA school somewhere else, in Sweden, where if you read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo you would know that Sweden had/has a very active Nazi sympathizer faction. Also a very weird anti-mask policy similar to IDU right-wing herd mentality countries such as Brazil and India which has killed thousands if not millions this pandemic, mutating the covid virus into the 3rd wave so contagious it gets in through your eyes. If it's out there its job is to mutate and kill you.

Herd morons are trying to backtrack and cover up the world over, like the pic on Twitter of Stephen Harper the IDU head getting his vaccine at the not local Shoppers Drug Mart whose booking software ‘broke down’ the first day and still isn't working.

So here is classic emotional cult recruitment marketing. First speaking of the not local immigrant parents dispensing a highly addictive and destructive (it actually shrinks the brain) albeit legal drug so that they can continue to be terrible at the collaborative relationship and be their own boss. But it's now a local business so it's ok is the spin. Family values and the contribution to religious (masochistic guilt payments), work for no pay, volunteer charities are also mentioned several times. Albert Ellis the world's foremost psychologist of the last century in his paper The Case Against Religion said: “Masochistic self-sacrifice is an integral part of almost all organized religions: as shown, for example, in the various forms of ritualistic self-deprivation that Jews, Christians, Mohammedans, and other religionists must continually undergo if they are to keep in good with their assumed gods.”

Never mind that. Charity is a terrible notion because it's an unreliable way to fund an organization. Why? It's based on the unreliable and abusive cult of (they tend to burn out and deprogram, the creatures) volunteerism using the guilt and masochism of people trying to buy their way into heaven. Put that in your business plan and see what your banker says. Still, as virtue signalling, it looks good and all narcissists want to look good as they live for that shit until they inevitably don't produce the goods, therefore looking bad, so they smear you as they dump you and move on. Bankers aren't stupid, they call this a bad risk for a reason.

After the charity/volunteerism pitch he comes to the 'our product is superior because we made it here' pitch. There is absolutely no evidence to support this claim. Toyota, the best-selling most reliable car ever made is manufactured from excellent parts sourced the world over that are proven to be of more value than just looking good. Bankers like this a lot. It's called evidence. Ironically, Toyota started as a commercial cloth manufacturing company, the grill of the Lexus is a stylized loom shuttle.

So after some more claptrap about local hires are superior (what if they are unqualified?) aka family values (what if your family are drunks?) which are never defined and no explanation of actual (based on unemotional evidence and research) dysfunctional family values of the alcoholic which are well defined as codependence and Stolkholm syndrome of the drunken abusers, they skate over, as in never mention, the materials the clothes are made of. Bamboo. The Local Laundry is made from bamboo. Grow a lot of bamboos locally do you?

Demand for bamboo from primarily China has sometimes led to clearing forests to plant bamboo. Bamboo clothes are generally synthetic rayon made from cellulose extracted from bamboo. The viscose rayon process treats the fibres with lye and adds carbon disulphide to form sodium cellulose xanthate. After time, temperature, and various inorganic and organic additives (including the amount of air contact) determining the final degree of polymerization, the xanthate is acidified to regenerate the cellulose and release dithiocarbonic acid that later decomposes back to carbon disulphide and water. A 2014 ocean survey found that rayon contributed to 56.9% of the total fibres found in deep ocean areas. So much for the ‘natural’ local spin.

Cotton and wool and silk are the human traditional clothing materials because the human body is host to bacteria that excrete a smelly substance. Commonly known as B.O. So clothes have to breathe to prevent the buildup of odour and don't get me started on fungus such as the ones that cause dandruff and are controlled by the drug Nizor. Bamboo aka rayon isn't great for any of this in my purely anecdotal experience, but it's plentiful and cheap in third-world cotton-wearing countries using cheap slavish labour so what the fuck, throw a buy local marketing spin on it and virtue signal your drunk dispensing Irish parents. Talk about unconscionable intentional manipulation.

I'll stick to Eddie Bauer, honestly made in places like Mexico and Bangladesh. My jeans last for 10 years of being not in the landfill and are being replaced with a lifetime guarantee building my customer loyalty because they are interested in, you know, me, the customer. I paid for my original jeans 30 years ago. I tell everybody I know, word of mouth marketing is invaluable, just ask google reviews. So I buy everything at Eddie. Their bankers aren't stupid either.

Mexicans need jobs too. They don't have a Justin Trudeau and CERB. Spread the wealth folks, we all win.