Why Art = Life

or any other satisfaction...

1/ other's likes and dislikes only describe them. you can lead a conservative to knowledge but you can't make him think.

your work only describes you.

sale of your art/ideas: 10 views 3 interests 1 sale
same for the sale of anything or dating, whatever
1 million pop. = 100,000 sales

2/ art cannot produce emotion or reaction, it doesn't have secret mind powers that control people or every artist would control the stock market.

evidence-based cognitive psychotherapy REBT shows that what you think about events creates your emotions, which is why you have control of your emotional reactions

3/ I like your work. that sentence describes what I like and don't like. If I critique it, my crit is based on criteria: what were you going for, how close did you get, how do we get you closer, how does it compare to genius in the field. Loving you is irrelevant.

4/ 900,000 people out of a million are not going to like you. 100,000 will. how many do you need to love you? 1? 10? a million? I must be liked is a depression causing insanity.

I highly prefer to have what I want but I don't have to. the purpose of life is to create my satisfaction, I use my free will and power of choice, I may not have as many choices as I desire, but I still have some.

5/ as soon as I say you must create my satisfaction for me by liking me I am your slave. conditional acceptance.

unconditional acceptance
of self
of others
of the universe

= mental health and freedom from over-anxiety

I lost an arm and leg, I deal with it, then ignore it and create satisfaction with my free will and power of choice.

In art school after the first year of fundamentals, we had individual jury crits, the best artists in our chosen field were called in from international art academia to sit on our jury
every. three. months.
pass or fail to continue with our education. 800 people started 100 graduated 4 years later. this preserved the integrity of the credential.
the work on the gallery wall
and me
a row of chairs for the 6 jury
Tell us about your work. The dreaded question.
It’s painting, it’s about paint.
How can it be about paint? The critical theorist actually yelled.
the painters smiled, how they longed to say that.
How can it not be about paint? was my response. I get my permissions from Rosalind Krause. Ms. Krause was the current darling of critics and art theorists.
So we never talked about my student work we talked about my permissions from my genius big brothers and sisters in the art world who were actually educating me.
Where is your artist statement?
Picasso never made one so I don’t have to make one.
My final 3rd-year crit, the big one because the few who go on to 4th year are considered professional artists essentially paying for critique, a professional practice. Gallerists came to our studios seeking fresh art.
I stood up before the jury when they finally assembled and announced, ‘in the best sense of the word, fuck ya, I’m satisfied with my work and that’s my educated eye’s opinion from here on in’.
I received a standing ovation. ‘We’ve been waiting for 3 years to hear you say that.’